Life coach since 2014.

I’m an accredited [1] life coach based in Utrecht (the Netherlands) able to help with all kinds of issues, but I’m specialized in the challenges of motherhood.

In 2017 I received my degree in life coaching from the Academy of Counselling and Coaching in the Netherlands. Before that, I had already been coaching informally for a couple of years at Utrecht University. I have gained experience coaching colleagues and hundreds of clients at the NGO for refugee students UAF and Utrecht University. Also, I invested in learning by doing courses on topics like intercultural communication and Rational Emotive Therapy (RET). In July 2019 I went on a yoga and meditation retreat near Mandali, Italy.

With an Austrian mother and a Dutch father I was raised bilingually and I have lived in Austria, the Netherlands and Italy for several years, where I was lucky to also learn Italian. I attended the German international school in The Hague and Utrecht University (partially English).

Personal experience

I am a mother myself, of beautiful daughter Mia (April 2020), and I struggled with a postpartum depression after Mia’s birth. I felt very overwhelmed and alone and it was not easy to find the right help. Also, I had the idea that there was something wrong with me for not being happy with my new life as a mother.

Eventually, I discovered that there are a lot of women struggling with the challenges of motherhood and the different emotions that it triggers and that it is possible to get help in order to feel happier and healthier. Fortunately, I was able to overcome my depression and anxiety.

Personally, I’ve experienced the benefits of life coaching. This whole experience inspired me to help other women. Even if it does not feel as heavy as a postpartum depression, you might be struggling with some other challenges. I would love to help you feel better, step by step, and face the challenges of motherhood in a self-confident and relaxed way!

With love,


[1] Academy of Counselling and Coaching in the Netherlands, registration number 150179