“I experienced Simone’s coaching as very positive and helping. I felt comfortable and understood. She taught me to look at myself and my achievements differently.”

Shilan Badai

"I experienced Simone's coaching as very pleasant at the time, with an open and accessible communication style that made me feel comfortable expressing my wishes and concerns honestly."

Iris van Korven

“Simone is a competent coach that makes you think about yourself. The sessions with her were an eye-opener to me. She is really invested in understanding you as a person, which makes it possible for her to give you valuable insights about yourself and your behaviour. Simone is always willing to think things through with you. Through our conversations she managed to show me some of my deeply hidden skills. Thanks to Simone’s professional coaching I learned how to look at myself differently and I have gained a better self-confidence. I wish Simone’s coaching for everyone who faces challenges or who is searching in life.” 

Ida Ibraimova

“What I liked about Simone’s coaching is that she always has the client’s personal circumstances in mind and looks at the problem from different perspectives. I always felt seen as a human being instead of just another client.”

Natali Azar

“Listening and deepening in contact and connection. Strong analytical skills and curious.”

Nosrat Tanha, therapist at Connected Together, worked with Simone

"Simone had a very positive approach. This helped me to believe in myself and my own capabilities again. She is also very observative. She noticed I could benefit from relaxation exercises and these helped me a lot. During the coaching period I also had to do some assignments on my own. These were tailored to my needs at that particular time, so it was never overwhelming."

Esmeralda Schütz